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b_lester_portfolio_010Some of my favorite photos from the last 15 years or so.


fswthumb13928 days in the Gila Wilderness with FSW2 9/5/2011. Fun status?

akw1207182011_000AKW 12. Awk Awk._1071306208 SKS 6/8/11. The Misnomers.

img_37811 Five days of FSB2 goodness


Photos from BCS 2 (October – November 2010)

fsb2_046.jpgPhotos from the sailing section of FSB 2 (November-December 2009).

In the Fall of 2009, I worked the hiking and sailing sections of FSB 3, a NOLS semester that traversed the Sierra San Pedro de Martir, and then sailed and sea kayaked on the Sea of Cortez.

A fisherman and his panga

Photos from my IC in November 2008. Over the course of 35 days we traveled nearly 200 miles along the Baja Coast in 22-foot Drascombe longboats, learning about the boats and about teaching others to sail them.

roc1-045.jpgMy first course as a NOLS instructor: ROC1 7/16/09, a 3-week backcountry rock climbing course in Wyoming’s Wind River Range. We spent 15 days base-camping in the Cathedral Cirque area, climbing everything in site and getting in some awesome fishing and hiking as well.

benjamin_lester_pnw_015.jpg MSP. Some shots I took on a NOLS PNW Mountaineering Seminar in June of 2008. Our Route took us from the Hidden Lakes trailhead across El Dorado and Inspiration glaciers and out at the Ross Lake reservoir in the space of 10 days.

Personal Trips

Gazing into Canada In the summer of 2007, my friend Clint and I rode our bikes from Jasper, Alberta to Denver, Colorado. We loosely followed the Adventure Cycling Association’s “Great Parks” route. Early in the trip, I totaled my bike, and had to ride most of the route on a cheap mountain bike. Much tension…

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