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No More Spam!

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

I love this site. I do. I don’t update it nearly as much as I should, but I enjoy the knowledge that if and when the desire strikes me, I can instantly mouth off in a fully-branded, globally-accessible fashion that would forever ruin my chances of running for public office (if I haven’t done so already).

But one thing I hate about the site is the truly massive amount of spam comments it generates. Six or seven times a day, a message arrives in my inbox announcing that a new comment has been posted on one of my blog entries. It used to be that I would rush over here, excited to see what some interested well-wisher had written. No more. After about 2 weeks, I realized that every single comment was a bot-planted ad for Cialis or Vicodin.

I’ve finally taken action. If you decide to leave a comment, you’ll now have to fill out one of those (admittedly annoying) random word generators. Sorry. But no more bots means that if a real person does post a comment, it won’t get lost.

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