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The Joy and Wonder of a Different Dock

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

morning-under-sail.jpgNow don’t get me wrong– I enjoyed my year living in DC, and all the people I met. But the two weeks I just spent there on Amistad were, for several reasons, frustrating. But I won’t get into it, and nor does it matter, because we are no longer in our nation’s capital! I write this from the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, in St. Michael’s, Maryland. More specifically, I’m perched on the taffrail, poaching a wireless signal off some one or other in the harbor. And, I’m writing on my own computer, which means I have photos, as well!

chesapeake-light-small.jpgThe first is self-explanatory — me grinning like an idiot, sitting on the quaterdeck as we sailed up the Bay yesterday– sailed for the first time in two weeks! we had a great run, making upwards of 7 knots under fore, foretops’l, and jib alone. The other two are scenes from the bay.


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