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DC and Surrounds

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

So much to report since the last time I wrote. I guess first of all, we’re now in Washington, DC. Been here for 10 days or so, doing deck tours and some events with the Congressional Black Caucus. Actually, thus far the latter part of our duties has been entirely theoretical, since all of Congress is tied up trying to save the nation from total financial meltdown. So, although we’ve been open for business, no members have yet come by.

On the other hand, we’ve had lots of students on board, including one memorable morning when we showed the boat to over 300 in just over an hour while docked at National Harbor. That was interesting. In fact our whole time at National Harbor was chock-a-block– during our 2 big deck tour days, we put several thousand people through the boat. Never have I told the story so much.

DC has been great for a number of reasons– First, my sister lives here still, and so I’ve had all the comfort of home every night, including flush toilets, TV, and all the rest. Second, catching up with friends has been great. Moving around does tend to make maintaining friendships difficult.

Getting to DC was interesting. We came straight from Mystic, CT– with the wind on the nose the whole way. Now I know some of you will object that the route from Mystic to DC is convoluted and there is no way the wind could be on the nose the whole way. But it was. From Mystic to Cape May, the wind and our course were southwest (and the swell was large–much puking was done). Then we turned north up the Delaware, and the wind obligingly shifted to match. Turning west into the C & D canal, again we found the wind on the nose. then south down the Chesapeake, accompanied by a Southwesterly wind of 15 -20 knots. And finally a run up the Potomac, with a northerly to match. Sigh– four days of movement, with nary a moment of sailing.

But perhaps the wind will serve better as we reverse our course and head back down the Potomac and up the Chesapeake. From here, it’s back to real sailing for a bit. We’re headed to Baltimore, where we’ll embark on the Great Chesapeake Bay Schooner Race– all the way down to Norfolk. With sailing — rather than transiting — the point this time, I’m looking forward to tacking the boat down the Bay– should be great fun. From Norfolk it’s up to New York for UN day, and then to Mystic for downrig, winter, and the end of my time aboard. It’s coming quickly!

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