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Salem, Mass

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

So I think that this blog should really be called the Coffeeshop Diaries, since that’s really the only place I ever write from. Not that I write that much, either. But enough of that, I’ve just got time for a quick line, because in 27 minutes, it’ll be all hands on deck as we slip our lines and head back out to the bay for the evening, anchoring off of Baker’s Island. Tomorrow, we head to Provincetown, on the end of Cape Cod. 2 nights there, then through the canal and Martha’s Vineyard!! Elsa is coming up to visit and do the transit from the Vineyard to Mystic, CT. She’s never been sailing before– I’m stoked!

In other news, I heard from NOLS a couple weeks ago– Got in to the instructor course!~! Baja in November, here I come. Huge reading list! I’m still trying to figure out how to buy the books and get them out to the boat.

When I Logged onto the web this morning, I was greeted by the news that Obama picked Biden as his Veep. I was jarred– I hadn’t thought about the veepstakes in a loooong time. It’s quite amazing how cut off from the outside world I’ve become. Especially my friends at HHMI will remember how plugged in I was. No More!!

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