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On board Amistad

Monday, July 28th, 2008

I’m on board Amistad. Finally. I write this from the “Just Us” coffeeshop, on Barrington Street in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Getting here was a bit of a trick; bad weather throughout the northeast forced cancellations of many many flights on July 24th (including mine, unfortunately). So I sat in Washington National airport for seven hours on Thursday, then returned to my sister’s house with my tail between my legs. Friday morning I set out again, an this time made it smoothly to Boston, where I sat for another 9 hours before catching my flight to Halifax. Airports are not my favorite places, but it all worked out in the end. The transition from my awesome house in DC to the fo’c’sle of the Amistad is a big one, especially as my mattress is apparently always damp. However, the boat secured a hotel room at the Marriot for us to shower and zone out in, and the Maritime Museum is cool with letting us use the shore heads. So life is pretty good. More soon. For those of you wanting to visit when we’re in DC, that looks set to happen between September 23 and 29. Check the calendar at  

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Google maps and bike trips

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

For the last three years, my good friend Clint and I have taken a long bike trip every summer. It’s not happening this year, because instead Clint and Lacey went to Europe (and are now getting married– Mazel Tov!) Anyway, the point is that we used to do it, and last year got ambitious. We rode from Jasper, in Alberta, all the way to Denver, Colorado. We blogged the trip (RollOnSpokes), but recently I did some stuff with Google Maps for work, which gave me the idea to transfer the blog entries to a map of the route. Here’s my stab at it:

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Each of the pins is a blog entry. I recommend following the link the the larger map, and reading there. If you want to see photos from the trip, head on over to RollOnSpokes — I couldn’t embed them in this map because Google says I used up all the memory I had. I’m going to see if there’s a way around that.

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