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Mic check 1, 2

Monday, January 21st, 2008

Wow. My very own blog. On the off chance you’re reading this, sorry the look of the site keeps changing. Seems like whenever I start one of these projects I go Photoshop crazy, and start trying out different logos, themes, what have you. I do have to say that WordPress beats Joomla hands down as far as ease of set up; took me for fricking ever to figure that system out. ‘Course, I realized after a week that the “installation” directory hadn’t uploaded to the site I was trying to create. Things got easier after that.

Anyway, my idea for this site is a little nebulous. I plan to write a little about the articles I freelance and write for HHMI, a little about my various outdoor endevours, and a bit about whatever the hell I want. Stay tuned.

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